A Portable Business – Where Mannequins Move

There are a myriad of businesses in today’s economy. Some of them, or in fact all of them, have never been done on a scale as large or as pervasive as in today’s economy. Think about today’s transportation industry, from plains to trains to boats to cars, the list does not end! Never mind telecommunication and real estate. The thing is that despite the overwhelming scale of operations in today’s economy, the fundamentals of the given businesses are the same as the always have been.

Now even though what I’m about to tell you certainly falls under one of the business stereotypes, it is never the less a kind of business that has becoming more and more rare. What do I do you are asking? I own and manage a house of horrors. I’m sure you have been to one as a kid. Is a darks room or rooms that are filled with people and mannequins dressed in nightmarish clothing, complete with Halloween props. The objective is to scare children in a fun and safe way.

That thing is that the challenges that go along with running a portable business such as mind require me to have to literally relocate my entire operation on almost a weekly basis. The easy part is packing up the mannequins and other inanimate objects, but flying all my staff all around the country has gotten my into the travelling agency business as well.

But the thing to bear in mind is that despite all of innumerable challenges that go along with running a business like id to is that after a while you find the rhythm and learn your strengths and weaknesses in terms of logistics. Bottom line for any entrepreneur is that patience is not only a laudable virtue in terms of interpersonal relationships; it’s the number one teacher of all business. Despite all the challenges you might be facing, give yourself some time and you will find your pattern. Whether its transferring mannequins across the country or getting enough exposure for an abstract concept start up, give yourself time to learn and you will find your rhythm

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