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Mannequins: The Top 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Mannequin Displays

A mannequin is a wonderful marketing tool and a great way to improve your customers shopping experience by modeling your merchandise in a realistic and appealing manner.

However, there are a few rules of thumb that you might want to keep in mind when crafting these mannequin displays that will better position your investment for greater exposure, impact and ROI. Read more…

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The History of the Mannequin

Today we take the idea of a mannequin for-granted. We see them in practically every clothing boutique and department store, in window displays, museums and in an assortment of other settings.

It was not always so.

The following is a brief history of the mannequin and it’s evolution through time. Read more…

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Neckties and Mannequin Heads

So I know that when people think of mannequins, they are usually thinking of them in terms of how they help us to imagine ourselves in all different types of dresses, jeans, shirts and skirts. But while shopping at Sears yesterday afternoon, I was struck by another – perhaps less acknowledged mannequin display ability.  Read more…

Life Lessons from A Mannequin

Traveling around the world is one of the most romantic dreams of most people. Visiting places that are so dramatically different from what your used to can be a very educational experience and at times even educational. My wife and I try to visit new places as often as we can and while doing so we tend to indulge a little (ok, maybe more than a little) . we love to see famous historical sites, dine at interesting places, and most importantly, we (she) shop(s). Read more…

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Lifesaving Mannequins

There are some things that are regularly associated with saving lives. These range from simple household devices like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to exclusively medical devices like iv tubes and respirators. But these are the objects that you would expect to see and use in medical and otherwise lifesaving applications. Read more…


A Portable Business – Where Mannequins Move

There are a myriad of businesses in today’s economy. Some of them, or in fact all of them, have never been done on a scale as large or as pervasive as in today’s economy. Think about today’s transportation industry, from plains to trains to boats to cars, the list does not end! Never mind telecommunication and real estate. The thing is that despite the overwhelming scale of operations in today’s economy, the fundamentals of the given businesses are the same as the always have been. Read more…


The Making of a Mannequin

In this post we take a brief look at the history of mannequins and their manufacturing. Read more…

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How Mannequins Work

The science and psychology of Mannequins; and how they influence retail customers buying habits. Read more…


The Mannequin: A Soulless Salesman

The Mannequin, and it’s growing role as a mainstay in the modern shopping environment and beyond. Read more…