mannequin heads

Hats and Mannequin Heads

My father had an obsession with hats. From as far back as I can remember he was always wearing one hat or another. So I guess it’s not surprise to you that my father opened his own hat store after many years working in haberdashery store. I remember as small child going with him into the space he was going to rent and spend all day there cleaning the place out and bringing in the things my father needed to get started working.

Amongst the things that I saw my father do at that time was nail many rows of hooks along the walls of the store so that he would be able to hand the hats there for customers to see.

Relax. I’m going to get to the main and relevant part of the story presently; after many years of struggling to make ends meet my father finally go ahead and was able to open another hat store two towns over. At this time I was ready to go into business and my father wanted me to join him in what was now the family business. So I told him I would think about it and after deciding to get involved privately I started thinking about how I could improve the store.

I thought about things like marketing and advertising (something which my father had never done. He was an old school word-of-the-mouth kind of guy. ) but I also got to thinking about mannequins. I figured that all major stores have display mannequins and dress forms and understood that it was probably for a reason. Anyway after telling my father that I would join the business I told him that I wanted to set aside some of the income to invest in advertising and the mannequins heads that I was going to buy for the hats. He wanted me to join badly so he gave in.

I have to tell you that shock of how dramatically our sales went up because of these two things was overwhelming. The response we got to the advertising brought so many new people into the stores that I couldn’t believe that it was because of the ads. In the end we made a significant about of money on top of the cost of the advertising and got a whole new batch of new and hopefully life ling customers.

What is important to bear in mind is that change makes a real difference and I am proud to say that we are currently looking for a location for our third store today.

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