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How Mannequins Work

The science and psychology of Mannequins; and how they influence retail customers buying habits.

What is it that makes mannequins such an indispensable asset to clothing stores worldwide?

The answer is simple; mannequins are the best tool to engage the imagination of the shopper. They set people imagining themselves in the clothing that the mannequins are wearing. It feels good to think of yourself having a picture perfect body and being able to wear award winning outfits that sit at the cutting edge of high fashion. The fact that mannequins by definition have a human shape as opposed to a hanger gives it this unique ability to fuel the shoppers imagination in the aforementioned manner. Therefore the clothing worn by a mannequin, as opposed to the clothing that sits limply on hangers or lays folded monotonously on a shelf, is exponentially more appealing, as the mannequins bring the clothing to life.

“So”, you ask, “what kind of mannequin would be best for my store”? The topic of mannequins and dress forms is a passion of mine and I have spent a lot of time researching and writing about the advantages of employing mannequins for store use, so I would modestly rank my opinion on the subject far above the average layperson. Nevertheless I don’t want you thinking that shopping for mannequins is a world unto itself and that you need to be an “expert “ to know what you’re going to need for your store. This is patently false. It just so happens that the process it easier than you might think.

There are some basic guidelines to follow and doing so would ensure that you end up with the mannequin that is perfect for you. To break it down simply there are three general types of mannequins; vintage, modern and realistic.

The way it works is like this. If you are selling rare clothing like the items you would find in a boutique than you will want to go with a vintage mannequin. If you are selling trendy items then you should go with modern mannequins. There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from. If you are focusing in children or teens then you will want to go with realistic mannequins. The most important thing to bear in mind is that the mannequin is not an island onto itself and therefore you must take the overall store theme into primary consideration. All is this is quite simple really just don’t try being too creative and mix and match mannequins that belong to different style categories.

You are now armed with the information that will help you make the right voices the first time. Good luck!

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