Life Lessons from A Mannequin

Traveling around the world is one of the most romantic dreams of most people. Visiting places that are so dramatically different from what your used to can be a very educational experience and at times even educational. My wife and I try to visit new places as often as we can and while doing so we tend to indulge a little (ok, maybe more than a little) . we love to see famous historical sites, dine at interesting places, and most importantly, we (she) shop(s).

It could be a bazaar in Moscow to a high fashion boutique in Paris, every place in the world has something unique and interesting to offer and we are the type to always be along for the ride. But there is something that I realized over the years on my many trips; fashion varies from place to place, but the way things are sold does not. The dresses may be different but the mannequins wearing them are the same. This is not to say that there is no diversity in the world of mannequins. There are many online mannequin store and they all have something interesting and different to offer. But the point is that they are all the same in their function. Mannequins are designed to sell clothing.

It strikes me that the way things are sold is pretty universal. This led me to think about diversity, people look different, that much is obvious, similarly there are many different and diverseĀ  styles of clothing, the uniformity of the mannequins seems to suggest that despite our differences, essentially we all want the same things, joy, happiness, fulfillment, love, security, and the ability to share that with the people around us. If there is one thing that I have learned from fashion it is to respect different people and to appreciate the differences because deep down we are all the same.

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