CPR Mannequin

Lifesaving Mannequins

There are some things that are regularly associated with saving lives. These range from simple household devices like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to exclusively medical devices like iv tubes and respirators. But these are the objects that you would expect to see and use in medical and otherwise lifesaving applications.

There is however some other items that play a key role in the life saving process but are left in the background and don’t always get the attention they deserve. The object that I intend to bring to the spotlight today is the medical mannequin.

There are innumerable variations and the mannequin theme. There are small mannequins used by artists for perspective, there are those more common mannequins used for tailoring and clothing display. But then there are the medical mannequins. They are the ones that you see in the doctor’s office. They are the ones that your doctor will use to show you the various organs and anatomy that related to whatever you might be visiting the doctor for. They are also used in medical school. The reason why I’m taking the time out of my day to bring up the subject of medical mannequins is because they are so helpful and so under-appreciated.

I was recently at my doctor’s office for some “plumbing issues” and did something that I never did before. Normally I just nod my head when the doctor tells me what my situation is and ask him what I have to do. I never really ask him to explain exactly what is wrong in language that I can understand because I am a bit intimidated by the medical jargon. But this time I wanted to understand what was going on with me (don’t worry it was nothing serious) to make a long story short, he used this medical mannequins (which he said cost five thousand dollars) and showed me exactly what he was trying to explain.

This made me so confident about my doctor; he not only knew what he was doing but he was able to calmed me down and give a detailed understanding of my medical situation. And so I close this small article today by saying that next time you are at your doctor’s office be sure to ask him to explain your situation and be sure that he uses the mannequins.

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