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Mannequin – The Movie

Granted, this movie is like 30 years old and doesn’t look like it was much of a hit even back then, but I guess I’m just a sucker for anything mannequin related and sure enough, this movie title caught my eye while cruising the fathomless waves of the web late one night.

Ok now, raise your hand if you’ve seen this movie… hmmm… no one? Ok, quick synopsis…

A chronically underemployed artist named Jonathan Switcher gets a job as a department-store window dresser and falls in love with a mannequin — the attraction being that she comes to life on occasion, but only for him.

Filmed in 1987, this romantic comedy fantasy film stars Andrew McCarthy (Jonathan Switcher)  and Kim Cattrall (Emmy), and holds a ‘rotten’ 22% rating on  Rotten Tomatoes. About the only thing this movie did right was it’s main title tune “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now“, by Starship, which was nominated for an academy award for Best Original Song and topped various charts for a short period of time.

Now that we have dispensed with the preliminaries, I would like to share a quick thought inspired by the otherwise dismally crafted plot of this little flick.

The notion of an individuals emotional gravitation towards developing a seemingly senseless relationship with a mannequin form (see also  “Mannequin Tales: The Fiberglass Man“, another post recounting a similar story of mannequin inspired love…) may in fact be a natural and consistent impulse. Much like our fascination with statues and the centuries old art of sculpting. We see something in the perfect forms that calls to us.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe, somewhere deep down we would all like a friend or partner who is as flawless ( at least on the outside ) and as customizable as a mannequin. And perhaps, somewhere even deeper, in the dark recesses of our primitive subconscious  some of us may wish that we were a perfectly sculpted creation, with the ability to combine all the most appealing and enviable of features.

But alas! We are but flawed beings with imperfect forms and imperfect relationships. So how do we cope with the knowledge that we will never be nor be with anyone as perfect as a mannequin? Hmm, I don’t know… um… make a movie?


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