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Mannequins for Many Reasons

The versatility and many strategic uses of modern mannequins, including one innovative idea that may surprise you…

One of the most surprising things about mannequins is there versatility. Of course there are the standard uses such as in store design or clothing display (which is why they are called “display mannequins” altogether.) but then there are other purposes that you can apply mannequins to a range of improvised uses. I have seen them in plays and Halloween decorations. But what in what I want to write about today is an application of mannequins that is definitely going to surprise you.

I was not involved in anything to do with the story you are about to hear but I was there for the planning and the result and it was amazing to watch. I want out about a month back with a bunch of my girlfriends to a new club that we heard about at school. We got all dressed up and were ready to have a great night of partying. Anyway, I was at the bar having a mojito (my favorite drink) I overheard a conversation that was going on right next to me. I don’t remember word for word but I will wright it as though I did so that you can get the main point.

Person one said “hey, I know something that you might be interested in incorporating into your club” he was talking to the guy who owned the place. “Like what?” the owner asked. “I know that this is going to sound crazy but I have a friend who sells mannequins on line. I think that a great way to make this place look more popular is by making it look fuller. So I think that if I introduced you to him he would rent you some mannequins (especially some female-mannequins) and that way you will increase your popularity.” The owner laughed, I thought that he did not take this guy seriously. I didn’t either. I, personally don’t think that small tricks like that are what makes the difference between a good club and a bad one but what do I know?

Anyway I thought nothing of it and enjoyed the rest of my night with my friends. Long story short, we ended up coming back to the same bar about two months later and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The place was full of mannequins! I was ridiculous. So after a few drinks I want up to the owner who recognized from last time and told him that I was here what the guy pitched the idea of mannequins to him. He told me that I would not believe how much more people have been coming into the club. He told me that he was not sure if it was because the mannequins made that place look fuller or just because the concept of having mannequins at all is not common. Anyway the point of this article is that even things that you never thought could do anything then what you expected them to could if you are willing to think outside of the box.

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