Mannequins: The Top 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Mannequin Displays

A mannequin is a wonderful marketing tool and a great way to improve your customers shopping experience by modeling your merchandise in a realistic and appealing manner.

However, there are a few rules of thumb that you might want to keep in mind when crafting these mannequin displays that will better position your investment for greater exposure, impact and ROI.

DO your homework. Before making a purchase, be sure that you are getting the mannequin that suits your needs. Carefully consider what it is you will be displaying and which mannequin form will suit this need best. Remember, there many different types of mannequins, from gender specific mannequins like female mannequins and male mannequins to pseudo-mannequins such as dress forms, torsos and mannequin heads. The type and style can make all the difference.

DON’T forget to consider the lighting in your display area before positioning your mannequin. Avoid dimly lit patches and shadow-filled corners. Strategic lighting can go a long way towards maximizing the effect of your display, especially if you are using the mannequin to model jewelery or other precious metal accessories.

DO a few different things. Switch it up occasionally. Changing your mannequins outfits and accessories gives your customers something new and fresh to catch their eye, additionally this will keep your creative juices flowing, and as a result your displays may continuously get more creative and appealing.

DON’T over do it. Sometimes less is more. Try to avoid the urge to pile multiple accessories on to your mannequin display, the more you add the harder the customer has to work in order to visualize him or herself wearing any one particular item.

DON’T underestimate the value of abstract surrealism. The realistic looking mannequins may look more appealing and sophisticated but they are not necessarily always the better option. Additionally, a non-realistic, feature-less mannequin does more to focus the observer on the merchandise being displayed rather than having him or her become somewhat distracted by the features of mannequin itself.

Needless to say, this is but the tip of the mannequin-display iceberg, crafting a top-tier display takes hard work, market research and a generous dose of creative thinking, but if you adhere to these five ideas, you will certainly be well on your way towards mannequin perfection!


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