male-mannequin necktie

Neckties and Mannequin Heads

So I know that when people think of mannequins, they are usually thinking of them in terms of how they help us to imagine ourselves in all different types of dresses, jeans, shirts and skirts. But while shopping at Sears yesterday afternoon, I was struck by another – perhaps less acknowledged mannequin display ability.  (I guess this is the point where I sheepishly admit that I spend almost as much time looking at the mannequins in these stores as I do the clothes… Given my obvious interest in the subject of mannequins in general, I am always curious to see how they are being put to actual use by the boutiques and department stores I visit.)
What I found, ladies and gentlemen, was something that was at least to me, a previously unheralded mannequin ability, the ability to accurately model a necktie, yes that’s right a necktie.
The mannequins masterful ability to model all manner of clothing and accessories is both apparent and well documented. However, a true quality mannequin is capable of much, much more. There are mannequins for hats and headgear, mannequins for modeling shoes and wigs, and a well designed mannequin even has the ability to display a necktie in an attractive and appealing manner.
Neckties are a curious thing. Some are used to accent an outfit, others are clearly meant be the center of attention, either way, this thin, silky strip of cloth can often do more to influence the outcome of your appearance than most other clothing accessories. As a result, it seems that having a good sense of what a particular tie would look like while being worn before actually committing to a purchase would be a very helpful thing indeed. This, of course, is where the mannequins come in. Their unique ability to give real-life impressions of clothing as they would look on the average person really goes a long way towards helping the consumer to make an educated decision on which tie – if any – is suitable for his tastes in clothing.
Where would we be as a nation without tie-modeling realistic male-mannequins!?

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