The Creative use of Mannequins

It is so funny how people come up with such creative ways to do things that have already been done so many times and still manage to make it look new. What I’m going to talk about today as you might have guessed, is the way I saw some mannequins be put to use in a creative and fun way that I never would have thought of (Which is not to say so much, because I’m not the most creative person you have ever met.)

I was at a religious parade a few weeks back. What I was doing there I do not know. I was driving by with a few friends and saw such a thick mob of people that we decided to go park the car and see what it was all about.

We go out and walked into the think of the crowd. It turns out that it was some kind of Jewish parade. I’m not sure what it was for. I asked someone and he gave me an answer that I didn’t quite understand, something about a holy man passing away and bonfires. In an case we pushed our way to the front of the crowd at stopped by the gate that was holding people back from the street. What we saw there was amazing!

It was large float on the back of eighteen wheelers. The floats were all about world peace and kindness and charity, it was beautiful even inspiring. We ended up staying at the parade for hours. We ate kosher hot dogs (which are pretty good it turns out) and just blended in with everyone.

What was so cool to me was the creative use of mannequins. On nearly every float was a few mannequins dressed in whatever the theme of the float was and standing or sitting in a way that was congruous with the concept that the float was trying to impart to its viewers.

I thought that this was so creative. I allowed for the float to be “populated” and look full that it had the effect of making the whole thing look very real and convincing. I am very impresses by that kind of creativity and plan on using similar mannequin concept in a high school play that I’m helping my cousin with.

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